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Induction night light

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Induction night light


Full moon design; Smart detection; Twist to adjust; Induction / normally on modes; 1200 mAh large capacity; Uniform lighting; Multiple application scenarios; Magnetic type installation; USB powered

Baseus Sunshine Series Full Moon Induction Night Light

As night lighting and emergency light in case of power failure.

Turn to shift switch does not need to take!

Innovative rotary interaction design, twisting to switch between induction / normally on modes.


Charge for 3 hours and use for a whole year

Semi-translucent shadows, 360 * beam angle

The full moonlight body design emits light evenly through 360 degrees for a larger illumination area with no blind corners. It lights up in every step you take

A silent guardian gives you meticulous care

Be a smart light

Dual element sensors can intelligently recognize the night environment to turn on the light by detecting the human body at night and automatically turn off during the day, no need for manual control throughout the process.

It lights up before the people arrive

Wide range of 120 ° fan-shaped detection area with up to 6 meters of detection distance. It lights up when people come to keep you safe, no longer fear the dark.

20 seconds of illumination time turns off when people leave to move smoothly at night.

Wireless design for a more beautiful home

Built-in batteries for wireless use and easy to integrate into your home. No battery, no replacement, no holes, no wiring required.

Magnetic type installation, easy and trouble-free

Magnetic type design, easy to remove the lightweight body for charging and moving.

Installation mode